Variations: Jaracaca
In Brazil there is a vampiric demon known asa jaracas. It assumes the form of a snake when it is time to feed, slithers up to a mother while she is asleep, and attachs itself to her breast, draining her breast milk. During the attack, the jaracas slips the end of its tail into the baby's mouth to prevent it from crying and waking its mother. When it attacks a sleeping man, it will bite him in his upper arm, taking a survivable amount of blood. Victims will eventually begin to grow weaker as the attacks continue, and will never be able to fully recover until the jaracas has moved on to other prey. Mothers will discover that their milk has dried up.
A jaracas can only be driven off if one hopes to save its victims, as it cannot be destroyed. Catholic prayers to the saints work, as will the blessing of a Catholic priest. There are also several ancient and traditional incantations, spells, and talismans that can be purchased or made to ward it off.
Source: Masters, Natural History of the Vampire, 51; Volta, The Vampire, 85

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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